Naturally grown

All our fruit, vegetables,herbs and spices are naturally grown ether by us or our growers.
We use simple thousands of years old system to reuse leftovers in our worm growing area,
than we use worm juice to water our produce with dilated solution.
There is great advantage in such system no waste no fertiliser less cost.
Lately there was and is more and more videos about robots farming.
This may be more efficient and cheaper but taste in no compressing.
Picking fresh tasty fruit or/and vegetables is a posture money is just cream on top.

Great news for growers and customers

Great new for all our customers as well as our suppliers.

We keeping up with time so we realise Always fresh token so now you can buy and sell 

our produce at stable price.

What this means to ordinary people.

Simple if price of tomatoes goes up from $4 to let say $10 our customers will pay equivalent of $4 to us.

Growers will get stable trade and happy customers all year around.

Every customer of our will get 1000 Always Fresh Tokens to start them of.


Garlic  (Allium Sativum) 

Garlic has been used in Western medicine since the ancient Greeks and Romans and has played a role in China for centuries. Although used for a variety of symptoms, Garlic has been used in cough remedies for centuries.  Part of the herb used is the Bulb. Therapeutic Use: Traditionally used for the temporary relief of symptoms of mild upper respiratory infections or conditions. 

Work 28 min a day

How would you like to work only 28 minutes a day?


Today nothing is impossible.

Like to know more

I did not believe at first.

Than question come to my mind WHAT IF?

Went to look dipper and behold now you have chance to ask WHAT IF WORKS for me.


Our Mentors

Thank you to our mentors for helping with this website

No limit to imagination

That’s not limited to imagination what we can do

Growing food in small area.

Thank you to our mentor for Making this website available for you






11. Feverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium)Although the name Feverfew depicts the role of this herb as being one of the treatment of fevers, Feverfew historically was well recognised for its effects against migraine. In modern times Feverfew is also recognised for its ”anti-inflammatory” properties assisting in the pain of arthritis and rheumatism. Part of the herb used is the Whole Herb. Therapeutic Use: Assists in the prevention of migraine headaches and the pain of arthritis and rheumatism. Caution: If pain persists, seek medical advice

Great website to look at

It is not often to recommend website with such emotion like I’m doing it now.

Came  across this website Just by accident looking for alternative to YouTube.

This website fits exactly believes and aspirations of mine.

Please look at it your self

Herbfarm bit is my feed as new by you may like it.

Whole ETHOS of steemit to enhance lives of the steemit community.

As herbfarm website like to enhance well been of whole community in general.




Power of herbs


Did you ever Think about where medicine come from?

Yes the first medicine come from herbs.

Herbs are not just medicine they are FOOD as well

"Let your FOOD be your Medicine and your Medicine be your FOOD"

This is quote from Hippocrates of Kos  c. 460 – c. 370 BC

People than where aware of power of herbs

We are NOT medical doctor or healer nor herbalist by any stretch of imagination 

but we grow, dry, use and sell herbs for FOOD and as well been supplements.

Herbs and well been is what we are.