Have purpose in life

Submitted by Dadmin on Sun, 10/11/2020 - 04:37
Buds on tree have purpose. You?

Purpose in life is driving force that will drive you past any illness.

As the old book says "With out vision people perish".

This is why old people in nursing homes die first no purpose to live any longer.

Strong purpose = strong will to live will get you over the line.

When one has strong purpose things will come to them out of thin air.( don't ask me how and why just do)

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There must be purpose for what you do other wise there is no reason to get up in the morning.

So how do you get your purpose in life ?

Get pen and paper (not Phone or Tablet) and write.

What is my purpose in life. Fold the paper 3 times and placed in your shirt pocket (ladies in the bra if you don't have top pocket.

Something magic will happen to you.

Read this question first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Remember to keep your pen handy at all times.

Write down any thing that comes to your mind when reading your question.

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