Turning exercises into Ca$h

Submitted by Dadmin on Mon, 04/13/2020 - 05:45

Turning your passion for fitness into pure ca$h the easy way.
Get  some junk from the site of the road few screws and there you have it.
It will not make you a fortune but every cent counts.
I do 84 min of peddling per day (12X7 min)
This give me about 500-1000 W per day @ 35 cent per 1KW/hour X 365 days is $127.75 per year
Invest wisely at 10% with compound interest will make you nice bundle 

If you like to learn how to work ONLY 28 minutes per day for $1 a day

Please Email Me yes I was sceptical at first till find out how simple it is

Do it for 30 years (i do it any way) never know how much one can make.

Just one simple way to make your self useful and having fun.

Forgot to mention this 7 minutes that is spend/invested in making your self more healthy gives me more ideas what to do next or how to improve my life.